Salutacions internacionals al II Congrés

La JCC va rebre salutacions d’organitzacions amigues de tot el món, així com també va rebre una salutació de la Federació Mundial de la Joventut Democràtica, de la que en forma part. Així mateix, el II Congrés va comptar amb la presència d’una camarada de la Direcció Nacional de la Joventut Comunista Portuguesa.

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Greeting Message of the President of WFDY for the 2nd  Congress of JCC


Dear Comrades,


On Behalf of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, I salute the 2nd Congress Communist Youth of Catalonia. Every congress of a member organization of WFDY are an important event for the Federation, as it is a significant moment for the action and life of any member of WFDY. JCC is an organization which is militant in the life of WFDY, it is promoting the existence, objectives, struggle, and the anti -imperialist character of WFDY. This character, along with the struggle of WFDY have deep roots, as WFDY was born through the ashes of World War II and through the fight against nazi-fascism, on the same time that it was cultivating the hope and faith in the struggle for peace, solidarity and social justice.

Dear Comrades,

Your congress is taking place exactly in a moment where the evaluation, analysis and discussion are necessary to see how you will continue your struggle. The Catalonian people along with other peoples in Europe, witnessed the imposition of harsh measures promoted by the EU and its mechanisms. Those impositions off course were applied in most cases with the blind obedience of governments, something that it was obvious in Spain as well. Under the titles “for development”, a development that has a different colour and meaning of what every progressive youth considers when refers to the word development, we saw the welfare state being demolished, we saw the

limitation of labour rights, we saw the wages being converted into a survival benefit. Everything we saw was to safeguard the multinationals and their profits.

Their approaches are now well known, approaches that aim to weaken the organized struggle of the people, approaches that are characterized by blackmail, terror and repression, approaches that are associated with the recovery and promotion of fascist and neo-Nazi organizations.

At the same time, the crisis of capitalism intensifies the competition between the imperialist centres for their dominance in the global market. Through their imperialist antagonisms, new wars are born with the risk of a generalized outbreak of war to be more and more visible. The imperialists, scatter death, pain and refugees. The images of dead children of refugees in the waves of the Mediterranean is the result of an unprecedented brutality faced by the Syrian people, who now exhausted by civil war and the brutality of the “Islamic State” is driven massively into refugees, by facing on the same time racism and xenophobia. Generally the expansion of NATO in the region, implemented by spreading death and by redrawing the borders with the blood of the peoples of the region, mainly civilians, and women and children.

Dear Comrades,

In a moment where imperialism seems to be dominant, our duty is to send the message that is not invincible. Our duty remains to call all the progressive youth of the world in the struggle against imperialism for lasting peace. Our task is to unite those voices that will clarify that the progressive youth of the world are still militant. It must be clear that those who rushed to bury the struggles of the peoples, who are hoping that they will suppress the popular resistance, those who intend to equip the society with despair and pessimism are the ones who slaughtered peoples and intensify the exploitation of workers. Our enemy is known, was and remains imperialism.

Finally to say that it is important for WFDY that JCC remains powerful, ready to fight back, to continue the struggle in the interests of Catalonian youth, for the rights of the workers, the students and the youth of Catalonian.

Long Live the anti-imperialist struggle!

Long Live the World Federation of Democratic Youth!

Long Live the 2nd Congress of JCC!

Nikolas Papadimitriou

President of WFDY


XIPRE | EDON (Organització de la Joventut Democràtica Unida)

Dear Comrades,

The Central Council of EDON (United Democratic Youth Organization) of Cyprus sends its fraternal greetings to the 2nd Congress of JCC in Barcelona.  We are sure that your congress will play a significance role in your struggle.

The progressive and militant youth have the weapon of internationalism to put against the brutality of imperialism and capitalism. The youth and the peoples have to stand opposite the neoliberal policies, austerity, poverty and unemployment. Following the principles of internationalism, EDON looks closely into the struggle of the youth and expresses its solidarity towards JCC.

Long live JCC,

Long live International Solidarity.

In solidarity


TURQUIA | Joventut Comunista de Turquia

Message of the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) to the 2nd Congress of the Communist Youth of Catalonia (JCC):

The only independence that we can count on is the ideological, political and organisational independence of the working class.

Dear comrades,

You are gathering your Congress at a very important period for Spain and Catalonia. On the 1st of October, Catalonia will vote “independence from Spain” with the unilateral decision of the Generalitat. We hope that the decisions of your congress will be in the direction of strengthening the international unity of the working class and the struggle of the youth of Spain and Catalonia against their common enemy, the capitalist system, which has nothing to offer but unemployment, poverty, wars and fascism.


We believe that today bourgeoisie cannot play any progressive role in any country or in any specific region. This makes the efforts of the communist youth organisations more and more valuable in the eyes of the peoples.

Because no one but communists have the real cure against the capitalist misery…

Because no one but communists are showing a way out of the ethnic and sectarian conflicts…

Because no one but communists have another option for the youth; other than fighting each other under false flags…

All the so-called alternatives proposed by the dominant classes are rapidly losing their persuasiveness, while the deadlock of the existing system cannot be managed peacefully anymore. This fact must be regarded as an inevitable consequence of the dynamics of capitalism and these circumstances which sharpen the class antagonism should be considered together with the increasing revolutionary potential. Therefore, communists must show the courage to develop  revolutionary interventions to the deepining crisis of capitalism which terrifies the political representatives of  the dominant classes and also the petit-bourgeois left-wing forces.

Young communists in each country must work hard to fulfill their duty of preparing the working class and the youth to seize the possible momentum in order to reconstruct the revolutionary popular movement. For this goal, our duty is to achieve the ideological, political and organisational independence of the vast majority of the working class from the bourgeoisie. This is the only independence which we can count on…

History is to prove once more the fundamental principle of the international working class movement: No solution inside the capitalist system can be a solution for the peoples.

100 years after the Great October Socialist Revolution, socialism is still timely.
Our era is the era of transition from capitalism to socialism.
Our era is the era of socialist revolutions.

Adopting this basic Marxist-Leninist thesis, we must also define the current dominant tendencies of the hegemonic powers inside the imperialist system. We see that international monopolies of the big imperialist countries prefer divided and weaker local units competing with each other in order to attract capital and investment. Since they always need to preserve or increase their profit rates, these big multinationals want to terminate all the political and historical institutions such as larger-scale national markets regulated by the internal correlation of forces which they consider today as obstacles in front of their strategic interests and the accumulation of capital. This operation is aways accompanied with nationalist and sectarian provocations and confrontations promoted by the bourgeoisie and aims to constitute a status-quo which will make these confrontations persistent. Hence, we must be aware of this imperialist projection while debating the national question and how to realise the self-determination.

In this harsh context of intra-systemic competition, various bourgeois governments controling different structures all have the same concern in their agenda: to ameliorate their position within the capitalist-imperialist system in expense of their rivals. Given this instinctive truth deciding on the very essence, the form and the framework in which a bourgeois administration rules turn out to be of minor importance. The so-called “independence” of a capitalist country cannot explain by itself the conditions of the working class. On the other hand, to gain national independence or to leave an international imperialist structure such as NATO or EU can be persistent only when relying on a revolutionary strategy.

We believe that those who insist on the perspective of socialist revolution are the only ones who cannot be deceived by the dominant class and will carry the working class and the youth to the bright future.


Communist Youth of Turkey – TKG

GRAN BRETANYA | Lliga de la Joventut Comunista de Bretanya

Dear comrades,

Please receive revolutionary greetings from the YCL of Britain. We wish the JCC good luck in the struggle,

Yours in comradeship,

Owain Holland

General Secretary



BANGLADESH | Unió de Joves de Bangladesh

Dear Comrades,

Warm Greetings from Bangladesh.

We are very glad to know about the Congress of JCC. WE know about your struggle. So we wish all the success of this congress which will re-enforce your struggle against Capitalist and Imperialists evil forces. As we both are fighting together under one umbrella  of WFDY our Solidarity is always with your struggle . Our friendship and comradely efforts will continue forever. Long live Revolution, long live JCC and BYU friendship.

Comradely yours

  1. S. Hafiz Adnan

General Secretary

Bangladesh Youth Union.

MÈXIC | Joventut Popular Socialista

En nombre de la Juventud Popular Socialista, órgano juvenil del Partido Popular Socialista, enviamos un cordial y combatiente saludo a la Juventud Comunista de Catalunya en este su Segundo Congreso que se llevará a cabo los días 15 y 16 de julio en Barcelona, mismas fechas en que nuestra organización juvenil celebrará su XV Congreso Nacional en la Ciudad de México.

España al igual que México han sido víctimas de las políticas neoliberales impuestas por los poderes fácticos al servicio del imperio, viéndose afectados los derechos más fundamentales de la clase trabajadora como lo han sido el derecho a la educación, vivienda, salud y, en muchos casos inclusive, a la vida.

Esta etapa de la historia del hombre no ha sido fácil. El mundo está plagado de guerras y violencia de las cuales el único beneficiado es el poder del capital. Sin embargo, es nuestra obligación como organizaciones de vanguardia y de pensamiento progresista, hermanadas por la lucha de clases, seguir trabajando a favor de la clase trabajadora.

Las condiciones en las que trabajamos las organizaciones de clase son adversas, por eso el solo hecho de que nos podamos organizar y realizar nuestros congresos ya es una victoria más para la clase trabajadora del mundo.

Un océano nos divide; sin embargo, nuestra convicción y nuestra lucha nos une, no sólo a nuestras naciones, sino a todos los hombres y mujeres progresistas del mundo que luchamos por un mundo más justo a favor de las mayorías.

Reciban un abrazo y un saludo revolucionario desde México.


“Por un México Socialista”

Ciudad de México a 12 de julio de 2017.

                     Emilio García Bonilla              Jorge Muñoz Campuzano

                        Secretario General            Srio. de Relaciones Internacionales